Iris Robinson MP investigated by police for using the Bible’s language about homosexuality

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: June 30, 2008

Police investigated Northern Ireland MP Iris Robinson for expressing her religious beliefs about homosexuality on a BBC radio show. Officers from the ‘serious crime branch’ of the Police Service of Northern Ireland held interviews about the incident.

As part of a BBC Radio Ulster debate, Mrs Robinson used the biblical word ‘abomination’ to describe homosexual practice. She also recommended that homosexuals seek counselling if they are struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction. When the incident hit the headlines in June, Mrs Robinson pointed out that her criticism was directed at the practice of homosexuality, rather than homosexuals themselves. “I was very careful in saying that I have nothing against any homosexual,” she said. “I love them – that is what the Lord tells me, to love the sinner and not the sin.” Source: Marginalising Christians - Instances of Christians being sidelined in modern Britain p.40, The Christian Institute 2009, ISBN 978-1-901086-46-1 See also: -       Belfast Telegraph, 3 June 2008; -       Irish Times, 7 June 2008 -       The Irish News, 11 June 2008