BBC Spreads Negative Image of Jesus

Country: International

Date of incident: January 1, 2006

BBC spreads negative image of Jesus by Series on “The Miracles of Jesus”

The Catholic Bishops of Scotland have severely criticised the BBC for its “negative” views of Christianity as it launches a new series examining the miracles of Jesus. The new series in three parts is entitled “The Miracles of Jesus”. According to the BBC’s own blurb this series will examine the so-called “secret-codes” of the miracles as believed by first century Christians and explore who Jesus considered himself to be. Among the miracles explored will be the feeding of the five thousand, while actors will be used throughout to recreate familiar accounts in the Gospel of some of the miracles performed by Jesus. However, the real source of controversy is its Muslim presenter, journalist Ragi Omar. According to a report in the Catholic newspaper The Universe, the spokesman for the Catholic Bishops in Scotland, Peter Kearney, said there was an increasing danger the BBC was regarded as presenting negative images only of Jesus and Christians while treating other religions “more lightly”. Mr Kearney described a number of controversial shows including Jerry Springer – The Opera, as well as programmes that attacked the story of Noah’s Ark or which claimed Jesus was the child born of Mary after she had been raped by a Roman soldier. "It always seems that it’s Christianity which gets the investigative and negative treatment," said Mr Kearney. "I also remember a highly offensive documentary on Mother Theresa. Yet you would struggle to think of a programme giving the same treatment to Mohammed or Buddha. In fact, I don’t think there have been any. "I'm not suggesting for a moment that Ragi Omar is anything but a professional journalist who I am sure has been hired because of his skills as a presenter and journalist. But can you imagine the BBC asking prominent Christians like Cliff Richard or Jonathan Edwards to present an investigative and critical look at Mohammad? "You just know it would not be allowed. That is why there is a danger the BBC is being increasingly regarded as only taking a pop at Christians. I am all for criticism, but let’s at least have a level playing field."