Mental Health Worker Threatened With Sack After Sharing Opinions About Post-Abortion Syndrome

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: December 1, 2010

Christian Mental Health worker suspended after talking to colleague informally about abortion risks and told „never to do this again“ and reinstated only several weeks later.

39-year-old British Christian mental health worker Margaret Forrester is facing the sack for expressing her opinions in a private conversation with colleagues about the mental health problems faced by women who have had abortions. Margaret Forrester, who works for Central North West London Mental Health Trust, has since been suspended from her position. Forrester told colleagues that she was concerned that women are not being given adequate information on the dangers of abortion to their long-term mental health. She showed co-workers a booklet on post-abortion syndrome that featured the personal testimonies of women who have suffered from it. After this conversation, Forrester was called into a meeting with her manager and questioned about her views. At first she was suspended from her job, but then the Trust changed her status to a special leave with pay, during which she was required to sit in an office and not work. At a disciplinary hearing on December 22, Forrester was told that she could continue to work only if she never spoke of her beliefs about abortion again. She was told never to “give materials like this to colleagues at work.” But Forrester has not taken these strictures lying down. “They asked me the question about whether I would do it again. I said I had not done anything unprofessional or unethical, so yes I would,” she said. “The fact that you cannot have an informal discussion with a colleague in the interests of patient care seems unbelievable,” she said. “I think it is likely that I will be fired.”
 Forrester is scheduled for further hearings. The Christian Legal Centre reported in February that she had been offered a better position, and has accepted. Forrester said she was “pleased,” saying it is a “victory for freedom of speech.” “It was incredible that I was suspended in the first place, just because I expressed a personal opinion,” she said. “I should be able to express my opinion privately without fear and act freely in good conscience.” We thank LifeSiteNews for reporting. Read full story at