Police say 'Disgusting Attack' on Manchester Cathedral was Hate Crime

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: September 6, 2018

Officers are treating the spraying of abusive graffiti onto the wall of the landmark late on September 6th as a "religiously aggravated attack." The language used was "too offensive to be published," according to media sources.

Chief inspector Cherie Buttle from Greater Manchester Police said: "This is a religiously aggravated attack, which has not only caused damage to a building but has caused upset to those who attend. The graffiti is beneath a statue and, due to the size of it, someone may have noticed it happening." Speaking ahead of the Emergency Services Festival which would take place the following day, Buttle said: "Hopefully those attending the festival there… will be able to enjoy themselves, despite this disgusting incident."

CCTV footage has shown three or four individuals wearing hoods writing on the wall. The painting over of the vile comments has started. 

The Dean of Manchester, Rogers Govender, said the act of vandalism was "very unfortunate. Very upseltting. We were hosting the first national service for members of the emergency services and I was worried they might see these vile things. It was definitely very distressing for those who found it and who have seen it. I just think it is sad we live in times where someone would deface a place of worship and especially one that does so much community outreach work. I very much hope the culprits are caught and brought to justice."

Sources: PremierManchester Evening News and About Manchester