Miniature Model of Church Destroyed and Offertory Box Looted

Country: Germany

Date of incident: November 15, 2018

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Private

A wooden model of the small parish church in Bräunlingen was returned to its place next to the church altar after the damage caused by vandals had been repaired. A few days later, it was hit again by vandalism. The bottom plate of the model was forcibly torn open, the wood was shattered in the back, and part of the electronics were exposed. The offertory box on which the small church stands was looted, leaving only a few coins. Additionally the smaller of the two church towers, which was completely replaced in the past repair, was damaged again.

"The damage is much bigger this time, the whole chassis has been demolished," said Ernst Holzer, the 84-year-old builder of the model, expressing his anger and disappointment. 

"I do not know what's going to happen now, but before I bring it back to the church something needs to happen," he added. 

The details of the miniature town church are so elaborate that he estimated about 30 to 40 hours of effort would be needed to restore and repair them.

Sources: Schwarzwälder BoteSchwarzwälder Bote, and Süd Kurier