(MTV) Cartoon Demeans Vatican

Country: International

Date of incident: May 1, 2006

MTV Cartoon Series Popetown demeans and ridicules Vatican.

An animated cartoon series was released containing a satire on the life of the Pope in the Vatican. The series didn’t only ridicule specific aspects of Christian faith, but presented Church authorities as criminals involved in different kind of malicious activities. Even though many Christians protested against this cartoon series, the TV production has been broadcasted in several countries and its distribution in DVD has increased due precisely to the protests of different religious entities. The promotion of the series reads: «Office politics exist in any workplace, but in Popetown there’s a bizarre twist : the company is the Vatican and the Chief Executive happens to be the Pope. The long-suffering Father Nicholas runs the back-office at Popetown, a job that includes anything from ordering Friday’s frozen fish fingers to planning prestigious public masses. Each day he struggles against the insane and chaotic bureaucracy of Popetown. He is so much a part of the fabric of Popetown that he can no longer see just how bizarre the others are : the sinister, corrupt and mysteriously wealthy Cardinals; the fame-obsessed TV reporter Sister Penelope ; the 77 year-old eccentric Pope with all the charm of an obnoxious seven-year-old (who likes Father Nicholoas so much that he takes baths with him); and Sister Marie, Father Nicholas’ devoted and innocent assistant, who all too often acts before, or even without, thinking».
www.iblnews.com (april 16th, 2006)