Christian Drug Expert Sacked from Government Advisory Panel Over Gay Dispute

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: February 14, 2011

The Christian General Practitioner (GP) was sacked as a Government drugs adviser because he co-wrote a study linking homosexuality to paedophilia. In June 2011 he announced to take legal action to answer “increasing attempts” to marginalise Christians in public life.

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, a Christian medical doctor who was appointed to an unpaid position with the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) by James Brokenshire, drug minister in January 2011, had been dismissed in early February 2011, because of the disclosure of his involvement in the 2005 scientific study linking homosexuality to child sex offenses in Canada.

Commenting on his dismissal Dr Raabe said: “My appointment has been revoked based on the wrong perception that I could potentially discriminate against gay people – something I have never done, neither in my private nor professional life.” He added: “My appointment has merely been revoked as a result of my views on matters completely unrelated to drugs policy.”

The controversy stems from a report, entitled ‘Gay Marriage And Homosexuality: Some Medical Comments`, which Dr Raabe and six other medical practitioners co-authored in February 2005, and which claimed that there are a „disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles.“

The report stated: “Any attempts to legalise gay marriage should be aware oft he link between homosexuality and paedophilia,“ and then, „While the majority of homosexuals are not involved in paedophilia, it is of grave concern that there is a disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles and an overlap between the gay movement and the movement to make paedophilia acceptable.”

Ironically, this conclusion was supported by a 1998 document from the Home Office, the department responsible for Dr. Raabe’s removal from the drugs panel, that said, “approximately 20 to 33% of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature.” Given that official figures released last year showed only one per cent of the population is homosexual, supporters of Dr Raabe say same-sex child abuse is significantly over-represented. Some academics sidestep the issue by arguing that child abuse is another sexual orientation.

A spokesman for the Home Office said: “Dr Raabe’s appointment to the ACMD has been revoked and we will be starting a recruitment campaign for a replacement GP shortly.” Commenting on Dr Raabe‘s dismissal the Home Office said that his „failure to disclose a report which he co-authored which links homosexuality to paedophilia raises concerns over his credibility to provide balanced advice on drug misuse issues and impacts on the smooth-running of the ACMD.“

Much oft the negativity expressed in the media towards Dr. Raabe’s appointment to the ACMD has been based on misinformation and speculation about him, the Maranatha Community reports. 

Dr Raabe considers legal action against the UK Government in the public interest.

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Legal action taken in June 2011: Dr Hans Christian Raabe is taking action against the Home Secretary, Theresa May, who permitted his dismissal.

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