Blasphemous Theater Play “La Revelación” Performed in Different Spanish Theaters

Country: Spain

Date of incident: September 30, 2006

Stage play “The Revelation” of author Leo Bassi ridicules the Christian faith, by portraying God as illogical and blood thirsty, believers as cruel, and the Church as power hungry.

The play „The Revelation“ depicts God as brutal, thirsty of blood, unfair, and zealous; a Jewish God who promotes ethnic cleansing, misogyny, racism, and revenge, enjoying the suffering inflicted to humans. Author and performer Leo Bassi, wearing religious outfits, introduces himself as Pope Benedict, and later as a Protestant Pastor. A cross is displayed on the stage and when he dances, lights located on the cross go on-and-off creating a disco-effect on the stage. The play also depicts religious people as being cruel against atheists, God as being in constant denial of any logic, and the tax benefits granted to religious organizations as being used to indoctrinate people. The play used passages of the Old and New Testament. The Alfil Theatre in Madrid hosted the play during February 2006; the Margarida Xirgu hall in Castelldefels did it during May 2006; the Club Capitol in Barcelona welcomed the play during September 2006; and the City of Burjassot in Valencia invited Bassi to perform „The Revelation“ during May of 2007. In several cases, public funds were used to promote and sponsor the play Sources: “El Mundo” Journal of February 24, 2006,