Pharmacy Does Not Sell “Morning-After-Pill” - Windows Shattered

Country: Germany

Date of incident: March 8, 2011

The windows of a pharmacy in Berlin’s Neukölln district were shattered because the owner does not sell the so called “morning-after-pill” due to his catholic convictions.

“A few people” claimed responsibility for the action on the internet, accusing the owner of holding an “extreme view of a patriarchal society” and opposing “self-determination of women”. The incident happened on March 8, 2011, a day that has been declared “International Women’s Day” by the United Nations. The offenders called their attack a “contribution to the international women’s action day”.

The same has happened one year ago, to the pharmacy, on the same day. The corresponding letter claiming responsibility ended with: “No god! No state! No husband!.”

In Germany the “morning-after-pill” is available only with prescription. The pharmacist says he does not sell it due to his Catholic conviction that life has to be protected from conception to natural death. He, therefore, cannot sell a drug in good conscience, which has the sole purpose of preventing nidation. When selling other contraceptives, he adds his own package leaflet with critical information about the effects of these drugs. He also advises natural family planning.