iPhone Christian Applications Removed

Country: International

Date of incident: March 31, 2011

Apple suppresses diversity of belief by shutting down two Christian iPhone applications claiming that the were “offensive to large groups of people”, and the support of traditional marriage, family, and life “expose[d] a group to harm” and delivered “hate speech”.

In 2010 over the Thankgiving holiday, Apple removed an application developed by The Manhattan Declaration (TMD), a group of Christian leaders that supports biblical teaching on marriage, family, sexuality, and life. The application content was approved by Apple in October 2010, and received a 4+ rating, the applications in this category are free of objectionable material. However, as a result of a petition signed by 7,727 pro-gay activists, Apple pulled it. TMD has been supported by over 500,000 individuals.

A similar treatment received another iPhone application developed by Exodus, a Christian NGO which aims to help, with a biblical approach, those who battle against unwanted same-sex attraction. Apple claims that TMD and Exodus application are “offensive to large groups of people”, and the support of traditional marriage, family, and life “expose a group [pro-gay groups] to harm” and delivers “hate speech”.

The Exodus application was pulled on March 22th, 2011. While the Christian applications banned by Apple claim to deliver information consistent with their users´ beliefs, hundreds of gay-oriented applications are availalble at the company store. The Apple policy in regards to Christian oriented application annihilates diversity of beliefs, equality, free speech, and suppresses the right to civil discourse and debate in the public square.