Belgian Archbishop Hit in Face with Cream Pies

Country: Belgium

Date of incident: April 6, 2011

The head of Belgium's Roman Catholic Church, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, was hit four times by custard pies at the Catholic University of Louvain while people were cheering.

A youtube video shows pies being smashed in the Archbishop’s face while entering into a building, and later while delivering his speech. People are shown cheering and the end of the video urges the viewer to do the same. 

Archbishop Leonard suffered a similar attack on November 1st of 2010 at a prayer meeting after making public declarations concerning the Catholic faith and its teachings. Then, the Archbishop tasted the cake and complimented it- he did not complain to the police.

“He deserves it,” said one of the perpetrators, “for all gays who do not dare tell it at home and for all girls who want to undergo an abortion," reports the website


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