Fire Set to Catholic Church in Barcelona

Country: Spain

Date of incident: March 23, 2011

During the night of March 22th, early morning of March 23th, 2011, a group of radical feminists started a fire at the doors of San Vicenç Church, in the Sarriá neighbourhood, in Barcelona. According to the priest Manuel Valls this was the fifth attack against the church in the last three years.

The feminists admitted to the media that the purpose of the aggression was to cause material damage, although the main goal of the assault was to deliver a “symbolic” message.

For the aggressors the church represents historic and current oppression against women, because it decides over women´s life, body, and role. The San Vicenç Church is located in a residential area, where people associated with the conservative right wing live, and that was a crucial factor for the feminist group. 

The feminists declared that they used “3 litres of oil that burnt, lighting the city”, and the incident was a “gift” to all those women "killed by morality". The Church hosts the remains of Pere Tarrés, a MD Captain during the Spanish Civil War. After the war, and in cooperation with the Women Catholic Association he devoted his life to take care of prostitutes and poor women. Tarres was beatified in 2004.