Catholic Church Vandalised on Good Thursday

Country: Turkey

Date of incident: April 21, 2011

Two men armed with swords and knives broke into a Catholic Church in Adana last Thursday. After learning that the priest was not in the church, the 26 year old aggressors proceeded to vandalise the property.


After the vandalization, the assailants were arrested and questioned by police. The Governor of Adana İlhan Atış declared the men were extremely drunk at the time they attacked the church. According to the press release, however, the alcohol test performed on the men showed blood alcohol content of .018 and .029, far below Turkey's standard of legal impairment to drive at .05.  English media reports imply that there was a deeper motivation present, as during the attack the aggressors shouted: "We are Muslims, this is Turkey, Allah is great."  Source: