Church the Victim of Theft and Vandalism

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: October 19, 2018

Several incidents of theft and vandalism took place at the Church of St. Thomas and St. John in Radcliffe. Lead from the roof and railings from the disabled access ramp were stolen and the stonework on the ramp was hammered. Ropes installed to replace the railings were then cut. Garbage and waste was repeatedly dumped on the church property.

“The bannister railings were stolen. The uprights were damaged. The stonework on the ramp was hammered. Then builders came and put ropes up so people had something to hold onto. Now they have been cut off. What good is a three-foot piece of rope to anyone? It is just vandalism," said Carol Cain, vice-chairman of the Parochial Church Council. “We have also been subjected to fly-tipping and drug taking. It has been going on for months.”

Source: Bury Times