Vandalism of a Hundred Graves in Toulouse Cemetery

Country: France

Date of incident: June 9, 2019

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Private

During the night between June 8 and 9, a hundred graves in the Terre-Cabade cemetery, the largest cemetery in Toulouse were damaged by vandals. According to reports, crucifixes and crosses on the graves were broken and scattered, as well as flowers and planters. Jewish and Muslim graves in the cemetery of 300,000 graves were unharmed.

The mayor of Toulouse described the incident as "vandalism of very great magnitude," adding "It's a distressing sight, we've never seen so many graves hit, crucifixes, plates, columns or vases broken or projected in the aisles,"

Sources: France Bleu and La Depeche 
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