Advertisement Campaign Displays the Holy Eucharist to Promote Condom Use

Country: Spain

Date of incident: April 14, 2011

A media campaign to raise awareness on HIV uses the Holy Eucharist, a priest, and excerpt from mass to promote the use of condoms. Displaying an image of a priest giving communion, the add employs phrases like “Holy condom you take away the AIDS of the world.” Another phrase used in this add is: “Do not be given communion (Hostia), use a condom”. The word Hostia means communion in Spanish, but hostia can also be used with a pejorative meaning in Spanish.

The campaign was released last December 1st, 2010. Spanish media reported on April 14th, 2011, that the Catholic Federation of Student´s Parents in Sevilla has sued the authors of the campaign, PSOE/JSA (Socialist Youth of Andalucia), for infringement of article 525 of the Criminal Law for offending a religious creed. Sources: