12-Year-Old Boy Attacked at Paris School for Wearing Cross

Country: France

Date of incident: January 14, 2020

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Private

On January 14th, at the collège Marx-Dormoy, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, a 12-year-old boy of Serbian origin was brutally attacked for not removing a chain necklace on which a cross hung under his clothes. The website Svi Sribi u Parizu (All Serbs in Paris) reported that the alleged attackers were five other 11-year-old pupils. When he refused to remove it, the alleged attackers surrounded him. One of the boys pushed him to the ground, and all of them started kicking him. The boy was beaten all over his body, resulting in serious injuries to his face and genitals. The attack ended when other pupils screamed for help.

According to the testimony of the boy's parents, the attackers did not manage to remove the cross because he did everything to protect it, despite the risks he ran. The parents therefore informed the management of the school and lodged a complaint with the police.

Source: Svi Sribi u Parizu