Stage Play “Me Cago en Dios” – “I shit on God”

Country: Spain

Date of incident: April 30, 2011

The Spanish play “Me Cago en Dios” was shown in Madrid in 2004. It caused public uproar due to its radical anti-religious contents. It was subsequently shown in Lisbon and in 2011 in New York City.

The play was written by Íñigo Ramírez de Haro is an autobiography of Ramirez de Haro´s experience during the time he attended a Jesuit school. According to the author, the play aims to show how “the Church invades pure minds of children with a system of religious values which are soak in extreme moral, leaving the person with no freedom”. Religion has caused many victims “and we have suffered so much”, Ramirez the Haro says. Religion is an evil; the greatest cause of violence and war in our society, and religion has created a psychological harassment against people”, he added. Ramirez the Haro insists that religion should be forbidden until people reach certain age to be able make their mind; Churches should warn people about how religion kills; and priests and nuns should have sex twice a month. The author was sued in 2004 by the Catholic organization Thomas More for the infringement of the Spanish Criminal Law which punishes the promotion of religious hate, the discrimination based on religion, and the mocking of religious beliefs. Ramírez de Haro has translated the play, originally in Spanish, with Ronald Rand. The play has been promoted in America under the title "We couldn't call it what we wanted to call it, so we called it Holy Crap. Leire Pajin, Secretary of State, sponsored the play in Lisbon. The promotional flyer for that occasion depicted a crucifix and the image of the Virgin Mary inside a toilet together with other religious symbols. Source: