Street Dedicated to Anti-Christian War Criminal

Country: Spain

Date of incident: July 7, 2010

The City of Santa Pau in Girona dedicated a street to the former mayor Joan Pinsach, who commanded the execution of priests in 1936 during the Civil War, as approved by mayor Esther Badosa.

"Pinsach was murdered by Franco's troops for the only reason of being mayor," said Badosa to justify the proposal to honour the former mayor. "It is true that Pinsach was killed in October 1939, but he, three years before, had ordered the execution of several clergymen, including the pastor of its own village, Josep Maria Noguer i Tarafa," said a relative of the murdered priest, consulted by “El Confidencial Autonómico”. Historians call Joan Pinsach the main responsible of the Anti-Fascist Local Committee of Santa Pau (Comité Local Antifascista de Santa Pau): "He was the head of this group, composed of representatives of Esquerra Republicana, FAI and CNT." Francisco Picas, author of several books in which he analyzes the religious persecution during the Civil War in Cataluña, says: "Father Noguer, like many others, was a martyr for the faith that history has forgotten." The persecution of clergy from 1936 to 1939 found recognition outside of Spain. The Basilica of San Bartolomeo in Rome honours those who died defending their faith. People who come to the temple may see, among other objects, a cross that belonged to the father Josep Maria Noguer i Tarafa, and the remains of a crucifix of the Church of San Martín de Palafrugell, which was burned during the Civil War. Sources: