"Santo Ángel" School in Albacete Reported For Offering Students the Opportunity to Pray

Country: Spain

Date of incident: November 22, 2010

A small group of parents of Santo Angel School reported the School’s Catholic Center to the Ministry of Education of Murcia for "radical ideas” for organizing an optional weekly praying hour.

Several parents complaint that the center "teaches the students how to pray”. "They are taken to the chapel with candles, carpet and Bible to pray and sing to Jesus”, said a local newspaper.

Juan Manuel Puerta of the Catholic Center, confirms that students have the opportunity to pray together in the chapel, and that parents can also come.

Another complaint is that the Center hosted a talk to fourteen-year boys in which they "are encouraged to abstinence and fidelity." Local president of CONCAPA (Catholic parents’ association) Caridad Navarro thinks that "the worst of all is that this minority has sown the seeds of intolerance in their children, some children who come to the chapel are made fun of by their colleagues. This is unacceptable: these parents should respect the freedom of others and leave the school if they don’t like it. "