Vandals Ransacked Carnwadric Church Of Scotland

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: August 20, 2019

The Carnwadric Church, home to the Rainbow Centre and Carnwadric Win Project, in Scotland was ravaged on August 20th. The church door was found burst open on the next morning. The vandals stole cash boxes and laptops, knocked cabinets over, broke windows, tore TV`s off the walls and wrote the letters "AYT" (maybe a mark of a local young team) on the walls.

One staff member who works in the Rainbow centre said: "The Rainbow Friendship Centre, Winn Project and Church are completely trashed. I don't know how long this is going to affect our members for. It's an absolute disgrace. Our members don't have anywhere to go, and a lot of them depend on this place, it's their only way out - some of them don't get out at all".

Day Care Manager Ann Walsh said: "To be quite honest, we don't know how bad the damage is. Cash and laptops are stolen, we're still looking for files. The church and the charities are a huge service to families and young people in the local community. Doors have been kicked open, filing cabinets are on the ground, windows are smashed. We don't know who is responsible but we think it's a young team as in the vestibule area of the church, 'AYT' is scribbled on the wall, which we think means 'Arden Young Team'." 

Source: Evening Times