Christian Think Tank Receives Threatening Phone Call

Country: Ireland

Date of incident: September 11, 2011

The Dublin based Christian Think Tank Iona Institute received a threatening phone call in September: The anonymous caller said the Institute was “scum”, that its director “David Quinn should be castrated and hung up on O’Connell Street”, that they had “the nerve to portray your “f**king religion”, and that the people at the Institute were “filth”.

 The Iona Institute is publically engaged for the protection of Freedom of Religion, tradional marriage and the protection of life. Its website says: „The Iona Institute is regularly attacked on blogs, on Twitter and on the internet in extremely vicious terms. We sometimes receive emails in a similar vein. The other day we received a particularly nasty phone which we believe is indicative of the mood among a significant section of the public towards religion in general, and the Catholic Church in particular.“ Website: