Masked Vandals Attack Pro-Life Office in Austria

Country: Austria

Date of incident: August 8, 2011

The office of Johannes Bucher, the European Regional Director of Human Life International’s (HLI), was attacked after a pro-life march in Salzburg, Austria. The office suffered seven broken windows, causing thousands of Euros in damage.

HLI’s Austria Director, Dietmar Fischer, was surprised that local media mostly ignored the attack against HLI office, organization known for promoting pro-life and family values. “Imagine the howling of the press if it were pro-lifers who smashed the windows of an abortion mill,” said Mr. Fischer. Mr. Fischer himself suffers constant persecution for his pro-life activism by a judge in Graz, Austria who ruled against him and his colleagues for supposedly “stalking” a known abortionist. He is facing a $10,000 fine or three months in jail for providing pro-life materials to sidewalk counselors in Graz. The case is currently under appeal.  According to, during a recent “Thousand Cross March” in Salzburg, almost 50 law enforcement officers were necessary to “protect the life marchers from a violence-prone group of abortion activists, many of whom shielded their identities by wearing black masks.”. The abortion activists carried a banner depicting the HLI logo inside of a condom and the phrase: “Prevent forced reproduction. Abortion on demand for everyone!” .The HLI office was attacked soon after the march, and was witnessed by bystanders. “The police report affirms that witnesses saw seven offenders dressed in black, wearing masks to hide their identities, and one wearing white hand gloves,” the news report states.  Sources and full story: