Violent Counter Demonstrators Attack Youth at World Youth Day in Madrid

Country: Spain

Date of incident: August 17, 2011

A demonstration against the Catholic Church and the visit of the pope during the major Catholic event of World Youth Day, resulted in the young Christian visitors be booed, spat and shouted at. Several World Youth Day participates were physically attacked, one had to be treated in hospital for being kicked in the stomach. Eight anti-pope demonstrators were jailed.

Some World Youth Day participants reported that the Spanish police was slow to help upon instruction of the government. The following things were shouted and chanted: - "Más educación y menos religión" > "More education and less religion" - "Benedicto, pederasta" > "Benedict, paedophile" - "Benedicto, es un nazi" > "Benedict, is a nazi" - "Es un nazi, no es un papa" > "He is a nazi, not a pope" - "Rouco Varela y el Papa me la pelan" > "Rouco Varela (the archbishop of Madrid) and the Pope masturbate me" - "Me cago en Dios" > "I shit on God"  "La juventud del Papa también se la machaca" > "The pope´s youth masturbates as well" A Dutch participant reported to the Observatory directly: A girl "was verbally (and almost physically) attacked during the World Youth Days in Madrid in August 2011 by a group anarchists who shouted at her and at the others in her group at a metro station and one of the anarchists wanted to beat her but somebody from her group protected her." Full story in Spanish, videos and fotos at:

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