Atheist Demonstration Incites Violence and Hatred Against Christians

Country: Spain

Date of incident: May 13, 2011

On 13th of May 2011 in Madrid, a group of atheist demonstrated „against religion“ mocking religious symbols of Christians. While such a manifestation is everyone’s freedom of expression, it is important to pay attention to the feelings of believers as well as to offer a contribution to the public debate instead of spreading hatred and intolerance.

Religious symbols such as the Eucharist were displayed in a mocking way. Mary, the mother of Jesus was mocked in a sexually explicit way, which is especially difficult to accept for Catholics. Some of the chants which were shouted were offensive, others included an incitment to violence: -  "We have to burn the Spanish Conference of Bishops" - "I would be ashamed of being a priest or serving in the army" - "Priests are social parasytes" - "Virgin Mary should have aborted" - "Virgin Mary fucked" - "Religion out of schools" - "Under a cassock there is always a rapist" - "It is a pity that Rouco (the archbishop)´s mother was not allowed to abort" View videos: