Several Acts of Thefts and Vandalism of Churches across Austria

Country: Austria

Date of incident: November 30, 1999

Several acts of thefts and vandalism of churches have occurred across Austria

On the 23rd of April, unknown perpetrators stole silver-plated brass candlesticks from the parish church in Anif.


In the night from Saturday to Sunday, series of burglaries occurred in the parish Gutenstein. The offering box in the church has been stolen.


On March 6th, the parish church in Gmunden has been vandalized. The perpetrators used the candlestick to break open the offertory box, but they were unsuccessful. The tabernacle at St. Catherine and of St. Anne’s altar were significantly damaged. The church will remain closed during the restoration work.


On January 25th, several sacred objects from the sacristy have been stolen from the Holy Cross Church in Lana.


Two acts in houses of worship in Vienna-Alsergrund and -Donaustadt in the period from March to August 11, 2020, have been occurred. According to the police, "clear crime tools" were discovered.


In the period between 8 to 11 o’clock, unknown perpetrators stole a 30- Kilogram offering box from the Klagenfurt church. There was damage amounting to several hundred euros. The police are investigating.



20.04.2020 Anif Krone 47.748624, 13.064523

18.02.2020 Gutenstein Nön  47.875717, 15.887295

20.03.2020 Gmunden Tips  47.711800, 13.623063

24.01.2020 Lana Stol  46.614886, 11.150506 (ITALIEN)

14.08.2020 (Two more thefts in Vienna) Wiener Neustadt Kurier  47.812700, 16.246617

31.03.2020 Klagenfurt Krone  46.626239, 14.307444

Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash