Militant Left Wing Activism Against Peaceful Pro Life Manifestation

Country: Austria

Date of incident: July 24, 2011

The left wing radicals praised themselves for their actions by saying: „Over 50 emancipated people were present to block and disturb and they were not affraid of nervious cops. They prevented stupid prayers and managed to disrupt the pro life manifestion in a way that it had to be ended early. During almost the entire pro life manifestion, they made their feminist viewpoints clear by shouting paroles. They showed that militant resistance against anti-emanzipatory conditions and ass-holes is possible.“

Several Austrian pro life groups had organised a common manifestion against abortion on July 24th, 2011, in Salzburg. They planned and registered a walking procession through the city towards the main clinic, in which abortions are being performed in order to peacefully pray there. As Salzburg’s inner city contains several narrow roads, left wing activists managed to block the demonstrators on several occasions hindering them to continue their legally registered path. The left wing activists also prevented them from praying in front of the clinic, as well as from arriving in common at their final destination, a church, for a service. One activist was arrested, according to the left wing activists’s own reports. Source: