Anti-Chapel Demonstrators Distrupts Mass Services on Campus

Country: Spain

Date of incident: April 29, 2011

A group of 40 youths, dressed in black, with their faces hidden, and holding signs against the Catholic Church, marched in support of the violent attack that took place at the Somosaguas Chapel in Barcelona.

The Observatory also reported on the attacks at the Somosaguas Chapel. The march ended up in front of the university chapel at the School of Economics in Barcelona University, at the time the mass was about to start, forcing the priest to close the chapel doors to avoid further incidents. The demonstrators emulated a religious procession, and the march was preceded by the image of a naked crucified woman to as a symbol of "the victims of the Catholic Church". Other signs displayed phases like "not in Barcelona, nor Madrid, nor in any university: chapels out"; "rosaries out of our eggs", and "do not come to my university to pray, I do not go to your church to study".