TV Program Mocks Catholic Church

Country: Spain

Date of incident: May 30, 2008

The Spanish TV channel "La Sexta" broadcasted the program “Salvados por la Iglesia” (Saved by the Church), hosted by Jordi Evole. Evole, knows as "el follonero" (the troublemaker), makes fun of the Pope for allegedly wearing Prada; the canonization process; and the Wednesday General Audience hosted by the Pope in the Vatican.

The TV series shows Jordi during a visit to Rome where he stopped passersby, mostly nuns, priests, and pilgrims, and requested them to sign a petition for the canonization of a San Federico, a Spanish journalist whose miracle, according to Jordi, was to "multiply the audience of the TV program". He deceived the supporters of his motion with stamps with the image of the soon-to-be saint, that contained a prayer on the back. Jordi took advantage of the good faith of an Spanish correspondent to the Vatican who told him he could attend the Pope General Audience if he came with his bride. He hired a couple who dressed in wedding gowns, and was instructed by him to give the Pope a ridiculous toy on behalf of the Spanish´s children.