300 Academic Signatures in Support of Removing Chapels from Campuses

Country: Spain

Date of incident: March 31, 2011

Professors and authorities of several Spanish public universities have signed a document supporting the anti-chapel students´ movement. After a violent incident took place at Somosaguas Chapel located on Computense University campus, in Madrid, the professors affirmed in the document that "the presence of chapels and other symbols of religion power has no relation with the freedom of religion but with a Catholic Church privilege; and the time to end such [privileges] has arrived".

"The agreement between Villapalos [former Dean of Computense University] and the Archdioceses of Madrid should be denounced to keep the principle of secularism established in the Spanish constitution".
"The media campaign against the students [who vandalized and profaned the university chapels] is motivated in vile political interests that seek to criminalize public demonstrations that favor women rights and sexual diversity, and by attacking the biggest public university in the country".
The signatures of over 300 university members can be visited at http://unilaika.blogspot.com/. The web site also displays a spoof of a priest carrying away a little chapel on a wheel cart. On the image it reads: "Machismo and homophobia are hosted at your university". Sources: