Various Cases of Thefts from Different Churches in the United Kingdom

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: November 30, 1999

A perpetrator stole the charity box from St. John’ church project, Shildon Alive. Other equipment such as video camera and items worth about £560 were stolen from Angelican church All Saints’. A burglar broke into Preston church and stole money intended to help asylum seekers and vulnerable people. At the Pentecostal Church on St John’s Road, a thief stole two wheels from a church minibus. Police are looking for witnesses and clues. Some thieves stole cash from St.Mirin’s Cathedral. Police are appealing for witnesses. Cash and tin have also been stolen from St.Brynach’s church. Seven lawn mowers have been stolen from St John the Baptist Church, in Farnham Road. Three men from the West Midlands admitted theft over 30 churches in different parts of the country, including Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. Church of Little Massingham Church has also been a victim of theft.

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Photo by Janos Szen on Unsplash