Scottish Registrars Blackmailed for Rejecting Same-Sex Unions

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: December 30, 2006

The Western Isles Council´s registrars have received hate mail and death threats because they refused, on moral grounds, to conduct civil partnership ceremonies. The registrars said that same sex unions would be conducted in fulfilment of the law, but no wedding-alike ceremony would be provided. Gay groups fired back indicating they would follow a human rights suit against the council to ensure gay couples on the Isles the same „rights“ as those elsewhere.

Two other Scottish councils, Highlands and East Renfrewshire, which also express disappointment on conducting a same sex ceremony reserved to traditional marriage, gave in "following pressure from the Scottish Executive and gay rights campaigners" reported Scotsman. The Isles are populated mainly by Presbyterians who seek to preserve traditional marriage. Sources: