Closure of Churches During COVID Lockdown but not Museums and Shops

Country: Italy

Date of incident: April 27, 2020

the Government imposed a Stop for Holy Masses, but allows shops and museums to prevail. Bishops and believers all around Italy showed disagreement and expressed their hurt feelings.

"The economic, cultural and social reasons, on the basis of which factories, stores and museums, parks, villas and public gardens are or will soon be reopened, cannot take precedence over the exercise of religious freedom, which is among the fundamental principles of the Constitution and defined by the Concordat between State and Church." - Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence

"it seems not to be understood that the activity of Catholic organizations in solidarity is born from a faith that must draw from a source as fundamental as the sacramental life" - Bishops of Sicily

"The Church is well aware of the critical moment of the pandemic and has shown responsibility and sacrifice in these weeks. Public worship goes hand in hand with responsibility and precise protocols: the Italian Bishops' Conference had presented several of them and also received the praise of the government and some ministers". Enrico Solmi, bishop of Parma

Source: Avvenire

Symbolic Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash