Christian Media Ad Banned By Authorities

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: July 27, 2011

The media group Premier Christian Radio's advertizment on the marginalization of Christians in the workplace was banned by the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC) for being “politically motivated”. Even though the ad was modified and redone several times, RACC upheld the ban.

Peter Kerridge, CEO of Premier Christian Radio, challenged the RACC decision in High Court because the ban seems an unreasonable measure in a country that guarantees the right to be informed and to profess a belief. He said: "Increasingly, we have witnessed Christian marginalisation in this country. Premier have collected over two years of data, all of which confirms that Christians are experiencing marginalisation. "After great consideration, we have taken the step to issue legal proceedings because the threat of Christian marginalisation must be addressed boldly and directly." "It's ironic that while trying to shine a light on the issue of Christian marginalisation, Premier Christian Radio has been silenced." Sources: