Abortion Supporters Disturb Church Service and Cause Turmoil

Country: Spain

Date of incident: May 30, 2008

A group of women gathered in front of Santa María del Pi Church in Barcelona for a pro-choice manifestation. Five of them entered the Church, interrupted the service, and in front of the mass attendees chained themselves to one of the church altars for "free and unrestricted abortions".

The chains, according to one of the women, were meant to raise awareness of the role of the Church in the punishment of abortion. Phrases like "Take your rosaries away from our ovaries"; "Abortion: no step back"; and "My body is not your temple" were displayed on the signs carried by the women. The women wore witch noses to protest to what they consider a witch-hunt carried out by the Church. Until the police was able to solve the situation, a wedding had to be celebrated with the protesters chained to the altar because they refused to leave the Church.
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