Gay Parade Supporters and Participants Mock Christian Beliefs

Country: Spain

Date of incident: June 30, 2007

Before and during the Gay Pride Parade Christianity was mocked by Spanish actors Pablo Puyol, Carlos Fuentes, Mariola Fuentes and Pepón Nieto who addressed the gay community encouraging them to "do as much as possible to gain eternal damnation", and "to got a step further on the way to hell". Participants wore bishops' outfits and carried anti-Christian signs.

"We want the Madrid bear hug Ratzinger, the Kaczynsky twins, and devour
homophobes" said the actors in a common statement. During the parade, participants wore bishop gowns to the waist revealing a thong underneath; held a "beware of the German Sheppard" sign together with a picture of Pope Benedict XVI; and mocked the Virgin Mary in their songs.
Spanish Criminal Law prescribes in article 525.1 fine or prison to those who offend members of a particular creed. Instead, the City Hall of Madrid has supported the event, and donated 100,000 euros for the organization of the parade. The parade has been granted the use of the public space; and 274 policemen, 35 emergency service staff, and 8 ambulances has been assigned to be at the event. Sources: