Wave of Attacks Against Churches in Poland by Feminist Group's After New Abortion Law Was Passed

Country: Poland

Date of incident: October 22, 2020

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Morals

On October 22nd, the polish Constitutional Tribunal decided that eugenic abortion is unconstitutional. This led to an outrage of the left-wing feminist organization "Women's Strike". among others, which started attacking churches across Poland and interrupting church services. The activists vandalized the facades of many religious buildings by tagging them with vulgar or insulting slogans. Among the attacked churches were the St. Magda Magdalena in Warsaw and the parish church St. Jakub in Warsaw, the St. Vincent de Paul church in Otwock and other Shrines and buildings. The police is investigating.

Garbage thrown on Parish of St John - Krakow: Twitter

Graffiti on St. Magdalena Parish - Warsaw: Twitter

Disruption of Mass in Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Warsaw: Twitter

Disruption of Mass in Poznán Cathedral - Poznán: Tysol

Graffiti on St. James Church - Warsaw: Twitter, Twitter

Graffiti on the Church of Divine Providence - Warsaw: Twitter

Graffiti on Catholic building - Grzęska: Twitter

Graffiti of the National Sanctuary of St. Andrew Bobola - Warsaw: Facebook

Monument of St. John Paul II vandalized - Kujawy: Facebook

Graffiti on St. Vincent á Paulo Parish - Otwock: Facebook

Source: Lublin112OnetTysol,wPolityce, Misyjne

Photo by wPolityce