(Internet) Hate CD Sold on Ebay

Country: International

Date of incident: November 27, 2007

German "Black Attakk" CEO Karsten Jakob sells four CDs on Ebay which contain hateful language against Christ.

Karsten Jakob, a German from Heubach, heads an internet shop called Black Attakk. In November 2007 he sells on Ebay CDs called: "Christ denied - Drink, drink the Blood". The cover shows four people under the Cross, fully soaked in blood. The tracks on the CD are amongst others called: 4. Impious Masturbation Of A Depraved Orthodox 03:56 6. Better Impaled Than Crucified 03:32 7. Castration In The Name Of God 02:15 8. The Uncreation (Pyrexia cover) 03:40 9. Overlord '96 (INFERNÄL MÄJESTY cover). 05:05 10. Daethronation (Intro) 01:43 11. Hierarchy Of Hypocrisy 04:11 12. Christophobia 02:45 13. No Salvation 04:01