Catholic Church Targeted by Government Representatives

Country: Spain

Date of incident: September 18, 2006

In July 2005 the Spanish Socialist Youth political wing (JSE) has requested the government to appoint a commission to review the agreements between Spain and the Holy See. The JSE General Secretary and speaker, Herick Campos, emphasized the need to put the Catholic Church "in its place, without any privileges because the Catholic hierarchy has abused of its condition of majority to influence government affairs, specially in issues related to education and finance". This was supported by government leaders in 2006.

In September 2006, Álvaro Cuesta, Secretary of Municipal Policy and Public Freedoms at the PSOE, declared to the media his support to the breach of the agreements signed by Spain and the Holy See. "We are living times of intransigency and social and political unrest caused by the sectors linked to the Catholic Church" Cuesta affirmed.
The fact that the majority of Spanish citizens express preference for the Catholic Church work it is not a privilege but a right under Spanish democratic system. The treaties signed by Spain and the Holy See in 1976 and 1979 do not grant privileges to the Church, but rights and obligations to both signatories, and were mutually agreed. Sources: Sources: