Atheist Complaint Against Catholic Service Announcements at Barajas Airport

Country: Spain

Date of incident: May 20, 2008

The International Atheist Federation complained to President Rodriguez Zapatero requesting the immediate ending of the announcement of Roman Catholic services at Barajas airport, in Madrid.

The announcement is broadcast only one time, 10 minutes before the mass starts, and exclusively at the terminal where the chapel hosting the service is located. The announcements says: "At 11 am the mass will start in the chapel located in terminal 2". At Barajas airport there are 3 chapels distributed in Terminals 1, 2, and 4; but only one daily mass, except on Sundays were two services are provided. There are also two mosques in Terminal 1 and 4, and two prayer rooms for other creeds. The mass announcement has been broadcasted since 1980.