Police Force Necessary to Protect Pro Life Activists from Left Wing Mob

Country: Switzerland

Date of incident: November 3, 2011

Police in Zurich, Switzerland were forced to use water cannons and tear gas against anti-life protesters who tried to disrupt a recent March for Life of about a thousand pro-life supporters marching through the streets of the Swiss capital.

“Although the anti-life protesters were out-numbered by pro-lifers at least ten-to-one, police had to take measures to maintain order, a few times resorting to water cannons and tear gas, because protesters were entering the plaza where pro-lifers gathered, and were behaving in a threatening way,” said Joannes Bucher, the European regional director of Human Life International (HLI), who participated in the march. HLI Switzerland, a co-sponsor of the September 17th march, issued a statement about the protests which read in part, “That a peaceful occasion for life and the protection of life was the scene of such a massive police operation is unthinkable.”

Photos show well over a dozen police officers in riot gear on hand as gas filled the air, and water was shot at protesters from a police truck.

The event website also noted the disturbance of the protesters, and the actions of Zurich police during the march. “Apparently [the protesters] had decided to disband the rally with violence,” according to a statement on the website. “Only a determined and forceful use of the Zurich city police were able to prevent the rally, at which many children, teenagers and seniors participated, from degenerating into chaos.”

“We find it regrettable that the deployment of dozens of expensive police in full gear has become necessary. An occasion that calls for the unconditional right to life should not impose exorbitant costs for personnel, emergency vehicles, water cannons and tear gas on taxpayers,” the statement continued.

“But the blame for these expenses is not to be placed on the organizers, but radical anarchists and selfish party-goers who repeatedly demonstrated their propensity for violence in recent days.”

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This article was reprinted with permission from HLIWorldWatch.org.