Polish Musician on Trial for Desecrating the Virgin Mary

Country: Poland

Date of incident: February 18, 2021

Frontman of the extreme metal band 'Behemoth' Nergal is accused of having offended religious sentiment in Poland. He posted a picture in 2019 on his Facebook account where he is stepping on a picture of the Virgin Mary. The case came to court after the conservative groups 'Ordo Iuris' and 'The Patriotic Society' claimed that some people including a Polish politician felt offended by the published photo. In a first hearing earlier this year an unnamed religious expert testified that "treading with a shoe on the image of the Mother of God is an offence against religious feelings". Adam Darski, Nergals formal name, has been found guilty and has to pay a fine of €2.900 plus an additionally €678 as court costs. "The Satanist of Warsaw" as he is named on YouTube, is challenging the guilty verdict and the fine. The case is now expected to proceed to a full trial. According to article 196 of Poland's penal code, Darski is now facing a prison sentence of up to two years, if found guilty in the trial.

Sources: patheos.com

Photo: facebook.com