Court Decides: 6 Children Taken Away from Catholic Parents for Placing them in Catholic Schools

Country: France

Date of incident: May 27, 2021

A French court ruled that 6 of 10 children had to be removed from their parents home because their catholic mother enrolled them on a catholic boarding school. Two of the six children have now been put into a foster family of Muslim descent, who refuses to educate the children in accordance with their Catholic faith, mother Clare says. The children have additionally been taken out of their Catholic boarding schools and put back into state schools. The mother also stated that the foster family tries to change their children believe, by teaching them Muslim prayers and worldviews. A petition to help the family get their children back has been launched.

After a dispute over public schools in France, British couple Clare and David Graham lost custody of their children. The parents of 10 Children of which four are adults and six minors were stunned after a French court ruled that two of their children had to be put into foster families. 

The decision to take their kids out of a public French school developed after the couples' adult daughters 21 and 22 told their parents about the racism and bullying they received in school. Georgina, one of the two, stated that while her time attending public school she made bad experiences with racism, physical and verbal bullying. 

She said that she 'was tormented for being English' and had to deal with racial slurs daily performed by students and teachers. "I was also assaulted on numerous occasions: head-butted, punched, kicked (...) dog faeces put in my schoolbag, chewing gum put in my hair. I had things thrown at me during all of my classes, so it was very difficult to concentrate on the lesson”, she added. 

The couple moved to France in 2005 with their four kids since the living conditions were more affordable for the now family of 12 in France than in Britain. Claire now 51 objected to the 'rubbish' her children were taught in secular state schools. Including the fact that the school were giving contraception to their students.  

Four years ago the devout catholic mother wanted to send her younger children to catholic schools and took them out of the state school system, which caused a turmoil of events. Her original idea was to home-school her kids, which was reported to the French social services by a parent from the school. 

Since the teenage kids are attending a catholic boarding school the parents then decided to also enrol their younger kids in a catholic boarding school located nearer to their family home. 

According to Georgina the French social welfare apparatus asked very intrusive questions and despised their families background and the fact how religious mother Claire is. She also stated that the state wanted to know why they had so many children. “They’ve asked me umpteen times why I have so many children,” Clare said in an interview with LifeSiteNews.

Two of their six children have now been placed into a foster family of Muslim descent, which won't take the children to Mass. The Family is sure that the caseworker is responsible for the judges ruling. "I am pretty sure the social worker is the one who swayed the judge even before we went to court,” father David told LifeSiteNews.

The Judge also decided to take the remaining six children away, despite them being fluent in French, well educated and attending catholic boarding schools. The Mother filled to receive her children back, which would be permitted only if the mother allowed her children to attend public school. 

All the children were at the time enrolled in catholic schools, but due to the judge's decision, they had been placed in different families and are not allowed to continue in their catholic boarding schools. The children are also not allowed to see, meet or speak to neither their parents nor their siblings. 

The Graham's say the documents and allegations brought against them are all wrong. Georgina, representing her other siblings told that they had never in any way been neglected by their parents. Adding that their parents had always put them first. 

Family and Friends have now started to raise funds to help the family pay a private lawyer for them to get their children back. 


Symbolic photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash