Ongoing Outside Pressure on Ireland to Legalize Abortion

Country: International

Date of incident: October 11, 2011

At a UN meeting, delegates from Britain, Denmark, Spain and other countries called for Ireland to legalize abortion - with Denmark calling for legislation to allow for abortion on demand, constituting pressure seeking to undermine the Christian convictions of the majority of the Irish population.

The majority of Irish people oppose abortion, and it is "the people, rather than the European Court, (to) decide Ireland’s pro-life laws,” said Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute at the time. The UN draft outcome report from the Universal Periodic Review of Ireland’s human rights record revealed that Ireland had rejected 15 of the UNs recommendations, including all the recommendations relating to abortion. Irish Christians and pro life activists need to be on “high alert” against the ongoing pressure on the country to legalize abortion, said Uí Bhriain. We thank LifeSiteNews for reporting. Read more: