15.000 Euros Stolen from Church in Guidonia Montecelio

Country: Italy

Date of incident: June 3, 2021

Unknown perpetrators broke into the church of San Luigi Gonzaga and stole 15.000 Euros and a collection of Swarovski crystals. The theft took place in the afternoon of 3 June. The church is located in Guidonia Montecelio in Italy. The parish priest discovered the theft and reported it to the local police. It was discovered that the thieves broke into the rectory of the church located in the priests' flat. The investigators found a block of cement on the spot, which was used to break a French window to get access to the premises. The value of the stolen crystals has not yet been revealed. Charges have been filed by the priest.

Source: romatoday.it

Symbolic Photo: by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash