Statues of Our Lady in Szczecin Tagged with Satanic Symbols

Country: Poland

Date of incident: June 20, 2021

Unknown perpetrators desecrated the statues of the Virgin Mary and Our Lady of Fatima in Szczecin. The vandals spray painted an inverted cross and a pentagram onto the statues. They were located on a hill in front of the church. The parish asked the public for information on their Facebook account. Police are investigating.

Polish police apprehended one suspect in the case. The detained 39-year-old resident is already known to the police for other crimes, including crimes against property. The suspect defaced two shrines with satanic symbols and is now facing criminal charges of up to five years of incarceration. 


Updated: 28.06.2021


Update 25.04.2022: The District Court in Szczecin sentenced Robert N. with 1 year in of imprisonment and a payment of 2000 PLN. to th parish of Our Lady of Jasna Góra.

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