Pro Life Manifestation Attacked

Country: France

Date of incident: September 17, 2011

The Christian pro life group "SOS Tout Petits" was attacked by pro-choice and anti-Christian activists during a manifestation in front of the Paris Hospital Tenon while praying peacefully.

The hat and jacket of Xavier Dor, the founder of SOS Tout petits, were snatched; a car was damaged; and hateful and threatening slogans were shouted, including "two planks and three nails"; a flag was torn down; eggs and other things were thrown at the peaceful protestors; a window of a café was broken; and a photographer was attacked and almost bereft of her material. The police who protected the pro-life group had to call for back-up. The groups opposing the pro life manifestation of SOS Tout Petits included the General Confederation of Labour, the organisation Sud-Santé de l'Hospital, members of communist and socialist parties, anarchists, and Planned Parenthood.

According to the leader Dr. Dor, it was the first time in the ten years of their activities, that a manifestation was opposed with such violence. Sources and further information: Detailed report and video in French: