Update: Church Singing Ban in the UK to be lifted

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: July 5, 2021

Initially, the singing ban in churches throughout England was expected to be lifted in June. Especially because choirs, professional singers and singing in bars and pubs have at that point been allowed to take place. Then on June 15, the English government extended the restrictions for churches only, which are set to come to an end on 19 July. Secretary of health Mr Sajid Javid announced that all restrictions would be eased off stating: "There will be no limits on the number of people who can attend life events like weddings and funerals and there will be no restrictions on communal worship or singing." Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson also stated that the usage of masks would become voluntary.

The opening steps are expected to be confirmed on July 12. The decision to ease restrictions upon communal worship followed a poll carried out by Savanta ComRes, which showed that over 60 per cent of participants support the campaign by Premier Christian Communication (PCC) to overturn the ban. 


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Symbolic Photo by jhudel baguio on Unsplash