Blasphemous Play Hurts Feelings of Christians

Country: Ireland

Date of incident: October 31, 2011

At the Dublin Grand Canal Theatre „Jerry Springer: The Opera“ was screened in the country for the first time on October 31th, 2011. Christians protested outside the theatre before the performance, several people walked out during the show.

The Irish Times says "the show’s deeply irreverent use of Christian imagery has added another layer of controversy". Stephen Faloon, general manager stated: "The show is quite profane and Jesus is referred to as being a bit gay because he's so full of love and he's full of positivity for the world but there has been a lot of outrage about it." According to The Herald, the theater manager received between 15 and 20 emails per day from people questioning the blasphemous show. The play takes place in the hell; mocks the crucifixion; Jesus is “the hypocrite son of the fascist tyrant on high”, he wears a diaper, has a girly behaviour and admits: “I am a bit gay”, Eve´s role in relation to Jesus is indecent; the Incarnation is described as a rape; God complains about being blamed for everyone’s problems; Jerry Springer is invited to hold God´s hand and guides Him, finally, emerging at the end as the true saviour of mankind. The show was performed in a theater built with tax-payers´ money. Source: