Aggressive Campaign to Remove Theology Department at University of Granada

Country: Spain

Date of incident: November 23, 2011

The Association in Defense of Public and Laity Universities has asked the Dean of the University of Granada in a letter to dissolve the Theology Department which recently opened. The radically secularist group says on their website that "the creation of the Theology Studies Department is a violation of the neutrality and laity principles consecrated in the Spanish Constitution; it is an attack at the university because it undermines the independence and accuracy of the rational and critical thinking, because it puts theology at the same level as science, even though it has not other fundament that the faith itself. With the institution of a Theology Department the university moves forward into Catholicism, and thereby backwards to medieval times and national-socialism [dictatorship]."

The establishment of a Theology Department is a consequence of an agreement signed by the university and The Church of the Society of Jesus in 1971, when the later transfered their property to the URC, under the condition that the university had to open a Theology Department. Two thousands individuals have signed the claim to close the Theology Department, reported the media. Sources: